Monday, September 29, 2014

September 24, 2014

Donald cummings? (Paul's dad mentioned him in an email)  i dont know him but i had a question haha i should know this but which ancestor was a mission companion to david o mckay? in one of our priesthood lessons the teacher brought up that quote and i told my district more about it afterwards! Also could you just type my priesthoood line of authority if you have it somewhere and then send a copy to my mission? This saturday i was wondering why the church left the earth after Christ died and was talking about it with my companion and we thought we knew why but then kept thinking of other reasons and then the next day we had a devotional on just that! It was nice to know the answer to my question right away since here its hard to find out unless its in a lesson or word of mouth, no computer time! Whenever we have to wear our suits for devotional i think about you Dad because i only remember a few times when you would wear your black suit which was at carlas wedding and at my farewell. Knowing we have the same suit makes me feel calmer for some reason when i wear it. The language is really coming along for me, its not hard to write in portuguese but speaking and pronouncing is kind of tough! we went to the temple again toay and tooks lots of pictures i would send them if i could but this computer doesnt let me. the weather here got a tiny bit chilly haha and all the brazilians were wearing sweaters underneath their suit coats haha it was kind of funny. |Ill write more i just need to think of some things!

September 17, 2014

Paul's emails have been pretty scattered so far, but here is a compilation of what he has written:

hi mom i miss you! i only get 45 minutes to write here its not enough! i got here on wednesday morning at 7 am after flying all night and moving ahead 3 hours than atlanta and not sleeping much, then we got at the mtc at around 8 and started learning! Portuguese is easy cheese for me i just keep mixing up spanish with portuguese haha oops but i love it here! im just curios, how is uva and life as the party couple?! the weather here is really nice and the food too. its super good haha love you! send me aletter and ill write one back that way i can write more things bvut also keep emailing me!
Elder Paul alonso johnston
brazil brasilia mission
brazil missionary training center
rua padre antonio d'angelo, 121 (little carrot top over the a)
casa verde
02516-040- sao paulo- SP

haha hi mom and dad! its awesome here the food is really good but i miss moms cooking too haha so everyone says the mtc is super intense and hard but i honestly like it here and think its easier than school! maybe ive been not tryiing my hardest but still, i was called as district leader, shortly after we had a missionary from our district leave for home not sure why but it was pretty sad. we went to the sao paulo brazil temple it was sweet! i cant send pictures from this compouter,will you make sure not to delete any of my music? also could you have mom send me some recepies of yummy food to make while im out there in the field/ haha thanks ill write soon love you!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Missionary

Paul arrived safe and sound at the Sao Paulo MTC (Missionary Training Center). His P-days (preparation days, where missionaries do things to prepare for the upcoming week, such as laundry, responding to emails, getting haircuts, etc) are Wednesdays. I (his sister, Carla) plan to post his letters every weekend, so check back in a week to see what he has to say! Here is a picture of some of the missionaries and the mission president and his wife at the Sao Paulo MTC. Sorry it's so tiny, click on it to make it larger.