Sunday, September 27, 2015

Awesome week! - September 21, 2015

Elder George is my comp now hes so awesome! Super funny and already speaks Portuguese very well! I am amazed at how much he has learned in such little time. Right now we are in a trio here in Jardim Ingá with Elder Kenneth as our district leader its a blast! Yesterday Gabriella and Uelton were baptized and Elder George performed the oridance for Gabriella! We played soccer today and everything has just been good here. Thanks for the emails everyone!

Elder Johnston...Trainando! - September 14, 2015

This week was great and sad at the same time. My comp Elder Almeida finished his mission and went home to Rio Grande Do Sul! Hes a great dude Im going to miss him alot. Also I am going to train a new missionary! His name is Elder George from the states Im not sure where yet. Tomorrow is when Im going to meet him. Im super excited! Thanks everyone for everything I wont send photos this week because this computer is full of viruses. Love you all!

Baptism Week! - August 31, 2015

Francisco and his family were baptized! Wooh!! Also Christina and her grandson Ricardo, and Pedro the brother of a recent convert. The other companioship had one baptism as well so that made a grand total of nine baptisms on Sunday! It was so great the meeting and ordinances were just full of the spirit. The mission president President Lundgren and his wife Sister Lundgren came to the baptisms to watch and support it was so great! In Enos theres a scripture I think its verse 27 which practically tells us that preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us more joy than anything else in the world and I know this to be true because everything here is just temporary. Thanks to Christ and God´s plan for our happiness, we can be together with our families forever and thats why we need to tell people how! Its through the simple steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

     Not much else to report this week, thanks everyone for the emails and I hope you all know how much God loves you each and every one. Stay close to him no matter what, in times of hardships and the good times. Love you all!

August 24, 2015

No email, just photos

Jardim Inga - August 3, 2015

New area! Jardim Inga, and new companion, Elder B. Almeida. Were both new to the area, the president took out the last companionship here so were pretty much starting from zero! Its going to be great I´m super excited.

      There was a conference of the mission it was great. Here are some of the last pictures I took with the members of Valparaiso, so sad to leave them on a whim like that! There was an activity in the ward of water balloon volleyball that was fun to watch we of course didnt participate. Also one of my mission buddies Elder Milsap finished his mission. We had a lot of splits this week with the young men of the ward.

July 27, 2015

No email, just photos:

July 20, 2015

This week 7 of our investigators went to church! That was definitely the highlight of the week for me it was so great to see all these people seeking God and making an effort to get to church! We had a zone meeting it was super great, very inspirational.

One day we went to a investigators house and they had company over but invited us in gave us food and all of their family was there like cousins and uncles so we left a message with everyone, got some addresses and numbers and now we have a lot of people to teach! This kind of stuff would never happen in the U.S., they just let us in on their family party without batting an eye Brazilians are so awesome!

My Mother sent me a package it was full of goodies including an awesome shirt form Greece!

We saw a motor cycle accident but the guy was okay his tire just poped and he slid like 50 feet on the asphalt but had a lot of thick clothing on so he was alright phew

Well thats pretty much it, thanks everyone have an awesome week!