Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alright now its official official Ramo Cabeceiras - February 16, 2015

Haha this sunday all the leaders from the district came to cabeceiras including our mission president (erk!) and announced the branch president and assistant! It was a super spiritual meeting, everyone was just so happy to see that finally the Church is returning and getting hold here, I got alot of compliments on my translating (ahh yeeah) and we have 2 baptisms scheduled for saturday! If you could pray that Ademar, and Julianna stay firm in their decisions it would be much appreciated! 

WE also have another investigator Milena who is the sister of Camilla a recent convert who came up to us and said she wants to prepare for baptism too! It was like one of those movie moments when angels start singing and the heavens shine down haha it was awesome! The other companionship has two baptisms marked for saturday too! So if everything goes perfect with the help of our faith and perserverance, there will be 5 baptisms on saturday in Cabeceiras, i dont want to jinx it though, so we are going to keep working hard to help these people!

WE finally got chairs! and a wardrobe for the other companionship! FOr my entire mission, i havent had a chair to sit on, tragic i know, haha but finally we have some and now we dont all have to shair one wardrobe! SO needless to say this week was awesome!

WE did some more service this week, sifting dirt whoo hoo! And thats about it, thanks for all your prayers and emails love you all!

 Siftin away
 me taking a little break at a bustop after a long walk in the mato

the prez and his beloved elders of Cabeceiras!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A week in the life - February 9, 2015

THis week was great, we did  some service for some less actives in our area harvesting corn, Afterwards my arms were all scratched up so we put some alchohol on and it burned like crazy!
We had an awesome family home evening with a member and a reference it was great, they are excited to hear more and also we got anothe refernce from another family and things are going well with them too!
Its been raining alot thankfully so thats been a huge blessing!

Sometimes its hard not having a church buiding to meet in, people get to the school look in and leave because they see how odd it is, but this family of Ademar came and they loved it! Not much else happened this week! 

 Us getting ready for the rain

THe distict of cabecieras strikes again in service!

February 2, 2015 - Ramo Cabeceiras!

Cabeceiras is officially a branch!!! Next week were going to receive a presidency and now we will have 3 hours of church instead of two! 

This last week we had a zone conference and i had my first interview with the president, it was great, it was in portuguese which i though was funny since were both from utah and he usually speaks english with the americans but tanto faiz! Weve getting refernces ate o po (until the dust) and its great were getting alot of new pesqusadores! I probably only hgave 3 more weeks here in cabeceiras so elder conceicao and i are really working hard to make it the best for everyone here!

The other day we saw a toucan, it was pretty awesome

THe small city of cabeceiras has 10,000 people and 15 churches! The ratio of churches to people is very high here haha

Also in formosa we had a district meeting and it was great, one of the members in formosa gave us lunch, she has these two awesome dogs and a turtle just roaming around the house!

These pictures are of our school/chapel last week with 72 people, we had to squeeze in there!

 Lets see me and a dog,
 Lucas and Dudu who are brothers and both help us out so much!
 Me on the road.
 Our tiny bathroom, 
 me and a sweater thanks mom!

 me and some elders form our zone!
 My district in cabeciras!

 My companion Elder Conceicao is at 9months with a new baby! JK but its his nine month celebration!

 Zone meeting were so strong!!

 OUr district plus one of the APs who is going home this week!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 26, 2015 - 72 People at church this week!

72 People at church this week!
Yeah that was probably the highlight of the week, idont have my camer today because were at a zone conference, but it was awesome, were getting close and closer to becoming a branch! So what else, also Elder Conceicao and I were fasting for one of our investigators, and we had three coming to mutual, they came to the door of mutual, said they were going to get a friend, and left. so we were waiting on the street to let them back in to mutual, and it was getting later and later and we decided that they werent coming, so we decided toend our fast and when we ended it we saw allof them walking back formutual! It was pretty awesome,it really strenghtened my testimony offasting.

Here in Brazil there are a lot of these cars with these speakers on topthat are super loud and announce like promotions at stores and sales or radio stations and its so annoying especially when trying to teach because they drive really slow when they pass houses! 

Has anyone watched Transformers? This is random but Bumblebee cant talk, but he uses the radio with broken up words to say what ever he needs, think of how wonderful it would be if we could do the same with scriptures! Thatsmy goal on themission.

Letssee what else thisweek so we have been running into the doctrinal parts of reliogion alot here being so manychurches here, its like in piano. I sometimes would learn and memorize something that sounded right, but then realized it was wrong, and trying to unlearn and re learn again was harder than just learning it right the first time. Thats what its like here butwith religions. Its causedme to stop and think more and make my teaching simpler so thats a plus, i know that with time this will be easier especially with the Holy Ghost´s help!

This week I ate, vaca atolada and pirao it was sogood!

Alrightthats all thanks guys!

January 20, 2015 -

Hey everyone! Alright so this week was great, it was pretty weird to be the one that knows more about the area showing the other around, but we have gotten alot of references this weekk from the members especially one called lucas who is 18 and preparing for amision, hes awesome and so we were walking down the street and he was like you guys should visit her and pointed to someone and we were like okay where does she live and went and taught the restoration for Ester and her mom and then later that day we told lucas and he was surprised because he was kidding! But becasue of that we got two more refernces from him and now were teaching all of them!

On the way back from Formosa our bus got a flat tire about 15 kilometers from cabeceiras and it was so loud! we were all kind of dozing off and then were awoken by the bang and the bus started shaking and it looked like we were going to crash or something but everyone was okay!

Also this sunday we ate lunch on the agroreservas its a huge 70000 acre farm of the church and saw emus and secretary birds and owls and also an awesome lake because we got lost and it looked like jurassic park but we finally found our way hom1e! also this week we did two service projects with some less active members So thats my week here are some pictures!
 The tire destruido
 Lunch! My favorite time of the day.
 Some owls at the farm.
 The lake we found accidentally.
 Us getting mangoes
 Secretary birds perched on some metal.
 The lake.
Brasil in all it's glory!