Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dec 1, 2014 - ONly 1 hour to write!

This will be short but alot happened this week, we as our companioships got to visit the Agroreservas of the church, its a huge farm that the church runs here closeby, and the highlight was we got to climb to the top of a wildlife observation tower and look out over Mato Grosso! It was so cool! When the wild blew the tower shook and we were about 80 feet up in the air, so awesome. This was in the city of UnaĆ­

The next significant thing this week was on Wednesday night as we were going to bed at around 11 we heard 4 gunshots extremely close to our apartment, but after theywent off we heard nothing so we just went back to bead because were were tired. The next day while we were at our investigator Julios house the daughter of one of the policeman here told us that the barber that cuts our hair and lives across the street from us was arrested for sexually abusing kids and thats why there were gunshots. We were just in shock because he seemed so nice and friendly, but the worst part was that one of the kids he had been abusing was Lucas who calcelled his baptism last week. After that we just didnt know what to say. .It was very shocking, After that it seemed like it might have been for the best that Lucas had cancelled his baptism for the time being because he wasnt ready, and knowing that has made it much easier this week to have faith that the lord knows best.

Yeah it was a crazy week, were still trying to talk to lucas, he is very reclusive lately, but i just hope that we can help him how the lord knows he needs help. On a happier note, we had a record of 57 people at church this week! It was great, and stephanie is still on track for baptism and now her cousin wants to be baptized too! Its so great to see families come closer together, here in Brazil, family means alot and i think we can all learn to keep our family close like brazilians do. 

Thats all, here are some pictures!
Emus that were roaming around on the farm
THe missionaries of Cabeceiras!
The view from the tower

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