Sunday, March 15, 2015

Another week in the life, siteseeing today! March 9, 2015

THis week was good, we taught a lot of lessons with the members and lessons with members are always way better than just alone! 

On tuesday we went early to a house that we contacted to teach and it was a whole family there before and we had left the first lesson with them! Except this time it was just the mom waiting for us and with a notebook full of notes next to the BIble. Uh oh. But we didnt argue with her, it was just a testimony and leave kinda lesson, she was very persistent in her beliefs but i dont blame her because so am I! It just had me feeling sad afterwards because i knew that it would be hard for her to accept this restored gospel in this life and thinking that made me want to convice her, to beg her more like, to ask with an open heart, but people have their agency.

THe next day however we had a lesson with Wilza, who had interrupted one of our previous lessons with an investigator with lots of questions and trying to make us look dumb, but we offered to teach her anyways the next day, and so when we got there and shared the restoration with her she felt the spirit so strongly that she started to cry and asked us, why am i crying? So we talked about the holy ghost with her and invited her to pray and tomorrow were going over there.

This old Brazilian man whose name escapes me i think its Jose was telling us as we entered his home that he doesnt argue about three things, in this order or importance
hahaa i thought it was a pretty good list to have, but we invited him to pray too, and left our number. 

We went to the capital today it was sweet! Lots of good picture taking, Not much else that happened this week, we will have a baptism next week of Luiz Eduardo! So were excited for that! Thanks everyone for the emails and love!

The fourth picture is ´´Attention: This can be a poem`` haha oh brazilian poetry, music to my ears.

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