Sunday, October 19, 2014

October 15-Last week in the CTM!

Hey everyone, This is my last email from the CTM im sure you read the subject line but i just wanted to say how excited i am to take the message of the gospel to families in Brasilia! This weeks been great, ive mostly done the same things as every other week besides that this week Brother Aidukaitis of the seventy came to the CTM to talk to us. Two sister missionaries and i played a triplet? not sure if thats the right word but i played the piano, sister heck played the violin and sister hill played the flute it was great! The weather is great here, it gets warmer and warmer every day, next week my email will be more exciting!
Ate mais!

We will post Paul's new address on here as soon as we know it. 

This second email Paul sent to the family, but I think it's so good that you guys should read it too. 

Thank you all for attending this email reading, i will be your host haha jk but I was so scared when i read your email dad about uva i thought she died or something then i read the last part haha silly menace of a dog! That little beastie! (Uva got stuck under the fence in our backyard for a few hours). Thanks Carla for sending me that list of missions that was really nice of you! Haha well this week i met an irmao from Brazil who was a foeign exchange student in Utah and went to Cottonwood! Another cool thing this week was that Elder Aidukaitis of the 70 came to the CTM to give a talk and guess who got to play a special musical number as an opener... THIS ELDER :) two other sisters palyed too, it was a triplet? I guess thats what you would call it but it was really fun and we did just fine. I remeber him from conference when he was talking in english and i thought he was from the middle east or something because of his accent but he is from Brazil! And i remember googling him and thinking he was really cool and yesterday i got to meet him in person! His talks are even better in Portuguese haha ;)
     There have been some random power outages and a serious drought here in Sao Paulo! Like some of the instructors dont have running water at their apartments. Good thing ill be in Brasilia in 6 days!
     Hey i want all of you to write me your favorite scripture so i can read it and think of you guys when i read it! So please PLEEASe send it.
     Brazil celebrates this day called Criança Dia which is when they celebrate all the children in Brazil! I think we should have celebrated that haha but all the lunch ladies and staff had funny costumes and hats on it was awesome. We got two new brazilian roommates this week, our room is a little packed now with six guys sleeping in it but its fun and its also getting hot here! Its weird to think about snow, i miss snow. Mom be grateful for snow, its a wonderful thing! :)
     Jeff where did Itallo and spencer swerve their missions? (Yes Swerve) haha i am just curious. I hope the BMW is still as much fun to drive as it was in september.
This week i started studying more in depth the lineage of Judah and Joseph it was really interesting! Also more about the Book of Mormon because honestly i have never read it all the way through while keeping track of all the places and people but its soo much more interesting to read now i recommend you do the same! In Doctrine and Covenantes class we talked about when we study we need to study for our pesquisadors, more than ourselves, so then i practiced teaching the restoration instead of other things which are really interesting but not necessarily relevant.
     Carla and Jeff youre both so smart and bright! I wish i could go to college with you both after the mission it would be fun ahha but you can teach me all i need to know right? This is my last email from the CTM which i am very grateful for! Because i am getting bored here haha but the field is something i know i have to be studying hard for because words matter!
     Ive made a ton of flash cards, and at night on the weekends there are alot of parties outside the ctm in the streets its funny. Today in the temple i had a little translator device and i switched it to spanish and italian for a little bit just to commemorate minha familia :) I~m not sure if thats kosher but i did it anyways
Mommasita im glad your friend sonia and her family are sealed!  Thats really cool especially after a year from her husband being baptized! I always think of the power of missionary work and you because you are a convert and the convert that has made the biggest impact on my life :)
Well next weeks email will be more exciting im sure because ill have something new to talk about! Love you all, keep being the best family on the planet! Ciao pue ciao
Love- Elder Johnston

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