Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 2, 2014

Hey everyone!

The CTM is great, sorry I haven't writen to many of you ive been trying to figure out the best way to send these emails! But anyways I'm doing just fine here the food is great and the spirit is so strong here! Lately we had the 1st counselor of the presiding bishopric come and give a talk and also a member of the seventy who served in Brazil and is Brazilian! Such great stories I wish you could all just be here to listen to them! I feel more in touch with my hispanics roots here haha there are so many South Americans and today around 100 more missionarires arrived, one from my stake! Our teachers here are very funny and nice when it comes to learning about the language, they also double as our "investigators" but the gift of tongues is real! Holy cow so many people in my district thought they could never learn the language and they are picking everything up so quickly! It's getting much hotter here but I don't mind and on friday we are going to a train station in the middle of Sao paulo and proselyting to real non-members! Pray for me if you wouldn't mind but if not thats okay :) I will think of more things to write about for next week love you all!
P.S. i cant send pictures from this computer but in two weeks i can from the field! (Paul leaves the MTC on October 21)

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