Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 10 Rain Rain and more Rain

 Hey eveyone! So while in the CTM in São Paulo everyone said that Brasilia was so dry but i guess thats to Brazils standards because it has rained so much this week! It feels great though after a week of dry heat. Anyways this week has been great, piano lessons with Lucas have been getting better and better, I got to hold a super cool parrot, and at a lunch this week with an investigator to my pleasant surprise i saw two huge chicken feet in the pot of beans we were eating! Haha it startled me but hey it was delicious.

     Were receiving two new missionaries today, Elder Sifuentes and Christensen were transfered we had a little going away partyfor them but right now we have so much extra space in the apartment its amazing! The best day this week was by far wednesday. So one of the members had been planning a `super mutua`` to try to get new youth interested in the church, they had set up a trivia game for the kids to play and everyone was having a great time. Then another one of the random power outages that happen alot here occured and so we broke out the candels and kept playing which made it even more fun for them. Then it startd to storm and Brazilians are scared of lightning but they have a good reason to be since the most deaths due to lightning happen in Brazil. So there was just lighting and thunder like every 2 minutes and it was raining so much! THe game finished and everyon was jus laughing and smiling and playing in the rain. pretty soon everyone was drenched except the missionaries of course we have an image to keep haha but the time came that we had to leave so we grabbed our stuff and ran for home! THe streets were rivers! And within 30 seconds of being outside we were soaking wet but it was soooo fun! It was just a good day. 

    The church is growing alot here especially beause the members are helping us alot with references and famiy members that arent members. Were teaching a sister of on e of the youth whose name is Julianna and she is really progressing we have set a tentative baptismal date for her! Another boy who weve been teaching named lucas is going to be baptized this week! Its way weird to think that i might be doing it but well see! This week we had lunch with a man named marcello and his famiy which one of them is a member and it went really well! Hes been working as a mechanic for 30 years and has a lot of cars on his property, we helped him move a car from the street into his yard it was fun! THen he gave us a ride in a super old ford and it was so nice to not have to walk home haha i forgot to mention we walk everywhere, none of the missions in Brasil have cars or bikes! But that was great, i have learned that the best way to preach the gospel is just being a good friend first and genuinely love the people and serve them in any way possibe! Even if its washing dishes.

Well i hope everyones week was great, thanks for all the emails and stuff! Love you guys!

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