Sunday, November 16, 2014

November 3

Hi everyone, sorry to spam you again but let me tell you a little bit about this week in Cabeceiras!

     First of all im at an internet cafe here in cabeceiras where the keyboards are annoying to use, so bearwith my bad spelling, this reminds me of how evey word in the Book of Mormon was preciousy carved especially for us! Haha anyways i saw some toucans and parrots this week it was pretty cool to see them flyin around on rooftops, also a huge frog, and just like my buddy john said who is serving in |Lima right now, lots of dogs that just sit around and eat garbage. It makes me miss Uva so much! Also this week we had some friendly visitors in our apartment aka huge beetes and mosquitos. Theres all kind of wild life here! I also got to try some terrerra which is a wierd tea that im retty sure my grandma loves to drink. it was so good!

Also this week i realized just how many churches are in the small town of Cabeiceras, there are 6 different chuches within 1 square mile not including ours@! Its a huge eye opener to see how different the gospel is practiced and also very humbnling to have a testimony of our church and not be caught up in the tumultuous times. People here like to drink, sleep, and praise the lord! In whichever manner they will haha but i love it here nontheless!

On friday Elder Matheus who hails from Recife Brazil and i had a kind of hard day, first of all, he has this or shoud i say had this bicycle deck of cards which he does magic tricks with just to get to know people break the ice but anyways we were teaching a boy named Julio and his grandma who is a non active member, and then left for home, the next day we walked past the house and saw his deck competely destroye because it had rained that night and I forgot it outside, I felt so bad! Cabeciras doesnt have alot of stores like the US where everything is available at anytime so it was a huge bummer to start the day off. uBut we talked with this investigator we have named Franciele, she works in a grocery store next to our house and we just stop by to see how she is doing, and sneak a lesson in there. But she recently had been having relationship problems and her husband kicked her out two nights before. So we had taalked to her about trials and it was a very spiritual lesson1! So friday we went to talk to her again, and she had fixed her problems with her husband which was great! But also a ittle road block because now to be baptized she will need to move out or live seperately. 

So that was bittersweet, but we moved on to Julios to talk to him more because he commited to a date later this month to be baptized! HE is 12 years old and is super fun and full of energy, so we were teaching him and his grandfather and then his grandfather said he wanted julio to be baptized in his churhc, the Catholic church,. Huge let down becauase we had been spedning alot of time with Julio and his grandfather and he knew we arent missionaries for the cathoic church and now he is working against us in a sense, but theres still hope because julios grandma was baptized awhie back in the church and julio wants to as well. It is so sad how something as beautiful as baptism can be scewed and different in all churches of the wold and just how much conflict it can cause. But if theres one thing that has stayed the same through and through its that Christ is our redeemer and salvador. 

We kept moving on, next was to a members house to have integration, where investigators and other inactives or whoever come to know the members more, little did Elder matheus know that it was a surprise bithday party! FOr him of course haha so that was just great, good feelings all around. 

Bear ith me here, later that night we found out that one of the members had called the MISSION PRESIDENT to taattle on us because we had to use a membes house last wek to email becuause there was no power at the cafe or our apartment. Othe stuff also but im not sure what but needess to say we felt betrayed especially because this member had been kind tyo us and then made us look very bad for our president. Here in Brazil people are critical but also fun loving, its sad to see though how members even tak about people behind their backs. Yeah no one felt happy after that, But the next day saturday we had a surpise celebration for Elder Matheus in our apartment and carved some watermeln! It was the day after Halloween afeter all haha it was a blast and really just made us feel a little better about everything going on. i nwow realize how important it is to gain the members trust. 

All in al this week was great! After the weekend we grew much closer with each other as missionaries. WE have 2 people with baptismal dates! To further the work is such a blessing, and regardless of what stands in our way the lord has a maneira for us (way). Stay faithfu everyone i love you all!

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