Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 20, 2015 YEah this one hour of email is tough!

Sorry guys this email is going to be super short, we get one hour of email still to read and write so heres the weekly scoop:

Tiago and Paloma finally came to church and they loved it! Already marked a family night with them and another family in tthe ward!

We have been finding and teaching alot of new people, but not many are progressing, we wont lose hope though!

We stopped by a capoera dojo because a guy just called us over to see so that was sweet!

Something that caught my attention this week was that we are either buildling our testimonies or letting it crumble, honestly i dont know how many times i have heard this in my life but i feel like just this week i really understood it, so just look for a way every day to apply a christ like attribute in your life and everything will just be better!

Thanks for everything guys!

Yeah i got eaten by mosquitos, but its all good im okay!

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