Sunday, May 3, 2015

April 6, 2015 - He lives

Hey everyone!

This week we had a zone meeting, transfers and of course Easter and conference! Lots of great things, i have a new companion his name is Elder Oliveira from Sao Paulo and hes 23! Its great to have a change though!

I think the thing that struck me most during conference was bringing people to Christ! Even if they have fallen away from the church, especially them! If you have a friend or anyone that you know that once was baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints please invite them to activities and help them come back or just help them to get a stronger testimony!

Difficulties are just an opportuninty to put into practice all we learn in the gospel and the scriptures, if we never had them, why would we need to learn how to be like Christ?

All those stories of dedicated saints in conference could be stories about YOU! Even when they had difficulties they had their eyes single to the glory of God! So you can be a dedeicated saint to!

I also realized theres never really like a bad and good choice, its usually an excellent, good, okay, and bad one. But if we listen to the spirit we can always choose the excellent!

One funny thing that happened this week was when we were walking back from an investigators house and 7 people stopped us on the street and it was like 9 at night already dark. I was nervous thinking they were going to mug us or something but they just started talking about their church with us and asked questions, they were from an evangelical church on the corner and i think their pastor told them to talk to us but we invited them all to conference and then they wanted to say a prayer, so we were like sure yeah of course, then they all held hands in a circle and started reciting a memorized prayer so we just stood there and said amen at the end and went home haha it was great!

Thanks for the emails love you all!

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