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December 29, 2014 - Olá Amigos and Family!

HEy everyone Happy new Year! I hope everyones Christmas was otimo (excellent) here in Cabeceiras it was hot as ever this week but the spirit was just as strong here as anywhere else! This week for christmas the elders went to the agroreservas a farm that the church owns for christmas eve dinner and to call our FAMILIES!!! Such a great call my goodness it was like a dream! But the farm was beautiful as ever with trees for miles and Mccaws flying through the air everywhere, we played frisbee and just had a great Christmas! This sunday was great too, the speakers must have received alot of personal revelation from on high because what they talked about was really what some of our investigators needed to hear and from members its even more personal, Every member a missionary! Every sunday since we have about 3 american families here in Cabeceiras i translate for them and its helping my portuguese so much and i get so much more out of the talks than i did before, translating is harder than i though, shout out to Jeff! But at first i was reluctant to do so because it was so hard to pick up on everyones fast portuguese over screaming kids, processing it, then saying it in english while listening ainda (still) But after christmas i felt the spirit so much more and with that different attitute i know that Heavenly Father helped me with transltating more fluidly so that they could feel the spirit and enjoy the messages too! Ah, such a good feeling from helping others, 

Also this week, there were two ex sister missionaries that had served in the city next to us Formosa who returned! They both finished their missions in march but they were really happy to see that the area had opened up again and that we had so many people at sacrament, which is still being held in the school building, it was great they bore their testimonies and alot of the members were teary eyed because of the love and the spirit that was felt. 

All my picutres are mixed up right now due to the new camera i got Shout out to Jeff  again! So here are a few! Happy new year, dont forget to make goals, Life is really just a serious of goals so have a purpose, and remember everyone is an example of Christ not just missionaries, help those around you and share the light of Christ! Love you all!

our skype session with Paul!

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