Sunday, January 18, 2015

January 13 - First transfer!

Hey everyone a ton happened this week so sorry this email will be a little long but I have a new companion now being the first day of the third transfer of my mission his name is elder conceiçao hes from teresina Brazil! Hes a way hard worker so im excited because i felt like Elder Matheus was a little molhe (soft) :D So yesterday i didnt email because we were traveling to and from Brasilia, we left at 5 in the afternoon on sunday and got here monday at 6 pm so it was like a whole day of lugging broken suitcases in the burning sun whoohoo! but now were finally here and im a little nervous to show the area to conçeicao but also excited!

Lets see what else, so last monday the members had a family home evening and it was super espitural because Lucas, one of the members who is 18 and preparing to go on a mission, bore his testimony of the plan of salvation because we had some investigators there, his mom also died of cancer the day that i got here so he has one of the strongest testimonies of the plan of salvation that ive ever heard. It was awesome!

Also Julianna, the sister of a recent connvert Luana her twin, is preparing for her baptism this sunay! Finally the weeks and weeks of teaching english paid off! So we were really excited about that, she has been progressing so well and Luana has helped us bastante! Let this be an example that members can be missinoaries too! Honestly i feel so bad that before the missino i never really helped the missionaries, they need you MEMBERS to help! So find a way to just give them a friend to come to church, its sooooo helpful! Im very proud of my mom for helping the missionaries in our ward this week parabens momma!

On sunday i and elder trivino, one of the missionaries from the other companioship, were inviting people to church and we were about to turn down a road that we usually went on but decided to keep going straight and turn later, as we were walking a lttle girl came up to us and said `hi elders!` and started just telling us about how her family has two members who were baptized and some more that would want to hear more. We were just like holy cow this is insane the spirit was with us when we decided to come this way! So we walked to her house and got to know the family and invited them, 5, to church the next day and everyone went!!!! my testimony of the holy ghost is so much stronger now, its honestly a miracle that that little girl stoped us and said hi and that we got to get to know her family, so we ill be teaching them all now!

Also this week i tried a new fruit called pitomba its like a coconut grape that you just suck on to eat, it was good! And the members here are just so awesome they help us so much.

Well thats about it, thanks everyone, remember that you can all make differences in each others lives for the better no matter where you go or who you are!

 Formosa, the othe city of our district

 A lake on the way to a members home 
 my new companion and i after finally getting on a bus home!

 the view on the way to the agroreservas
 me washing dishes, thank you mom for always teaching me!

 Brasiila, from the window of the bus

 the members and the missionaries, an unstoppable combination!

 Me in the house
 An awesome motorcycle helmet that was at a member's house.
 The First Vision, but not really!
 Me on the lake again.

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