Sunday, January 11, 2015

January 5, 2015 - Feliz Ano Novo!

Hey everyone! So first off happy new year, i hope everyone made some wicked awesome goals focused on Christ and his love for us! THis week was pretty normal alem de (besides) the parties in the streets celebrating the new year, needelss to say there was alot of alcohol, and our apartment building smelled really bad! Haha but things have finally settled down.

So on saturday the four missionaries here and the members divided up to do splits and invite everybody to church! It was so great, i really think the lord blessed us in finding the people we needed to, because usually people arent home theyre all over the place but me and Alan a member, found all the people that we were assigned to talk to and it was so great! We were able to find out where a woman by the name of Zilda lives, There are no adresses here, its just remember where everyone lives kinda thing, so that was a blessing. The next day in church we had like the same amount of people but hey at least it wasnt less!

Transferes are coming up in a week, im going to stay most likely but get a new companion. Oh for new years us elders went to a members house until 10 and ate Churasco! Its pretty much barbaque but with all the delicious brazilian meets mmmmm it was so good! I also ate açai this week its like a fruit smoothie icecream mix yummy! 

So one thing that i really liked that someone said in sacrament was that we cant focus on our differences but God gave everyone in the world one thing and that is His son Jesus Christ so that through him the world can be saved, when we think of things we have in common rather than differences, life is simpler and filled with more love, this week i was getting chateado (annoyed) with the other elders just for little things mostly but i thought to myself that were all here for one purpose, we believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and restored the fulness of the gospel for us in the latter days. So now i have a much bigger testimony of unity, and the blessings that come from searching for it. 

And also this week we went and did some service on a farm of the grandfather of one of our investigotors Dijeyes! It was so fun, we fed the cows, cut suger cane, and ate fried cookies! It was great, we also had the chance to talk with a boy named marcos who is 14 years old and he is very interested in the church! It was so funny after we told him that we usually dont wear our street clothes everywhere but white shirts he was like óh yeah i know you guys! I see you all the time in Cabeceiras! ´haha it was funny but he is now our good buddy, next is conversion!

Here are some pictures, 

 The first are some chicken tallons that some of our investigators cut off! THeyre huge!

 The second is the family of Gildasio and Chirlene whose house we celebrated New years!

 Me and the Churasco

 The Churasco
 Me at the farm
 An armadillo shell

 Sugar cane and me haha narcistic much??

Feeding the cows

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