Monday, June 15, 2015

June 8, 2015 - Val-paradise!

This week was great, the best thing that happened this week was that this Family that we contacted knocking on doors all came to church by themselves!!! Holy cow it was so awesome, I remember that the day that we knocked on their door, we were ready to give up and go on to our next thing scheduled but we saw their house and just asked for water at their house and they let us in and we taught the restoration for them and marked another day to come back which we did with another member named Douglas and invited them to church and they all came! The best thing for sure this week, seriously I know now that the Lord wants us to show our faith by our actions, like we did by knocking on that last door when it was so hot and we were just beat. So that was great!
    So what else, well like my dad said once for me when he was telling about his summer working on the oil rigs in Wyoming, its hard to talk to people about the gospel when theyre drunk. There are always drunks that stop us on the street and speak broken English to us its pretty annoying. Haha this one night, a guy stopped us and just pointed to the stars and was like ´´what does it mean?´´ and other questions that I didn’t really understand, so we just left him there to wonder because he was not sober in the slightest way. I´ve heard from some members that for a while, Valparaiso (this city) was named the most dangerous city in the world! That was a long time ago though, now its just fine! I feel like my English is worse than my Portuguese, its pretty tough now to speak with fluidity but I guess that’s a good sign!
     The other P-day when we played soccer we were sore for 4 days haha but it was worth it! Today an elder from our district had to go home because he has a stomach problem and needs treatment that is only available in the U.S. so this morning we made him breakfast and had a little farewell party. But I realized this week that honestly this life without the gospel would be so sad and pointless. We always need to remember the simple truth that we are here to be tested and have all the tools to return with our Heavenly Father one day, it wasn’t meant to be easy but it is worth it. Keep on studying those scriptures everyone! I mean honestly, how many times do we hear that and how many people actually do it? Be a winner!

     The daughter of a family that we helped re activate was baptized, the dad was so happy to be able to baptize her and during the oridance he cried so much and the spirit was very stong there it was a great day!

     The other day this stupid dog was following us and trying to bit our legs, he got a little nip in there but i feel like we won the fight! Haha good times.

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