Monday, June 15, 2015

May 25, 2015- Crazy Week: Emergency Transfer!

 So on Tuesday Elder Oliveira and I were just walking to an appointment and the assistants to the president called and asked to talk to me and told me it was nothing that I had done, the president was very happy with my work, but i was to be transfered the next day and had to be in the office of the mission at 1. So that was a huge surprise! It was pretty hard to say goodbye to Elder Oliveira like that, we really got along and hes a great missionary! Now im in Valpairso with Elder Bond from Bountiful, UT! Hes been on the mission for about 6 months and we are working a ton and its the best feeling in the world! Now im the senior companion, I feel that i need to be much more responsible now but im up for the challenge! The day i got in Valpairso the Zone leaders called welcoming me to the zone and telling me that the challenge of the day was to mark a baptismal date for the next month. I thought ´´í dont really know the investigators very well but lets go!´´ we marked a date and it was a great start for the transfer!

Other than that nothing much has happened this week, we have been working hard to mark lessons with members, and now its just us two americans, so our portuguese is getting better because it needs to get better haha no more Brazilian at my side to rely on with the language! But its been going just fine :) Elder Bond rocks! He went to Woodscross and works very hard!

Elder Bond and I after a exhausting but great week of work

Me and the family of Tavarez a member who hleped us out a ton in Taguatinga

My expression more or less when i found out about the transfer

Me and Elder bond after we made some good ol pancakes for breakfast!

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