Monday, June 15, 2015

May 18, 2015 - You don't mess with Flavia

 This week was great! Elder Oliveira wasnt feeling very well this week so ive been helping him out as much as i can, sometimes its hard to lug around a companion though but we had a great week! On thursday we had a family night at a less actives house whose name is Flavia, when we were finishing up, a guy rolled up to the door and started shouting threats at her and her family, because this guy was the dad of one of the ex boyfriend of the daughter or something i dont really know but anyways Flavia hopped right on the phone called the cops and then sent a message to this guy on Whatts app and was shouting a lot of things that i probably shouldnt have understood but i did haha everything is okay now and it was taken care of. But it reminded me of how a momma bear protects her cubs with everything shes got!

     We helped with two moves this week of families in the ward, ended up draging a matress up and over a roof to the second floor of an apartment with just a rope. New zone leaders: Elder Lenon and Elder Costa great guys we played soccer for like 3 hours today im absolutely destroyed but it was so fun! SOCCER IS THE BEST!

We were walking home ( we live right by a cemetery) and Elder oliveira started walking a little out of the way to look behind thes office buildings and i was like where are you going and he was like did you see that woman and little boy? and i said, i heard them but i didnt look up because i didnt think anything about it, but he saw them and they turned a corner and thats why he was looking down the road but didnt see them, they just dissapeared! Maybe ghosts?

     Its funny here instead of ice cream trucks there are tamalhe trucks! At church this drunk guy walked in during the sacrament but didnt stay long, the bar right next to the church was playing loud music the whole meeting but it didnt stop the spirit!

We were doing contacts the other day and saw a sign on the door of a house that had two hands holding a cow not literally but like a logo and above said ´´follow the popular culture´´ what apostasy!

But is was thinking this week that it really is just through reading and praying that we gain strong testimonies, experiences other than these things can help, but if we want a well founded one, we need to read and pray! I felt so much closer to our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ this week because whenever we had to stop at home or if Elder oliveira was sick i just read about his life and it has helped me want to be more like him, so please read a little bit or just a part of the New Testemant and help your testimony grow today!

Just that, no pics i left my cam at home but thanks for the emails love you guys!

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