Sunday, September 27, 2015

We Stayed! - June 22, 2015

This week was great! We started the week off with a family night at the bishops house and two of our investigators went and we made little ´´missionary name tags´´ that had the name of the church and the person and each person had a question that made part of the restoration message and went around answering them and in the end we said ´´ you guys just taught the first lesson all by yourselves so now go do it for a friend! ´´ and everyone there got a pamphlet to give to someone and pass us their contact info! It was super fun.

I realized that my dad, brother, and I are all ´´Elder Johnston´´ its pretty sweet, keepin the family name! An elder in our district went home because it was the end of his mission and it was tough to say goodbye to him he was here when i got here in Brazil and hes super nice and funny his name is Elder Laurentino.

One of our investigators who had gone to church and accepted a baptismal date but then after wasnt answering our calls and never was home was on the street and after like 3 weeks of not being in contact with him we found him! His car was stolen and his cellphone was in the car along with some other things and thats why he wasnt answering and it was hard to find him but after 3 weeks we finally got to talk to him! Man it was great, hes coming with us to a family night tonight at a members house! So that was a mini miracle of the week.

Yesterday a married couple who are both return missionaries and another return missionary in our ward had a division with us and we went to go teach and preach and do what missionaries do! It was ´´just power´´ as brazilians would say, 5 missionary/return missionaries out to go spread the gospel, it was as if we were the Avengers of the missionary work here in Valparaiso, we marked 3 baptismal dates! So that was super great

I never thought things like this would bring me such happiness but its amazing what the gospel of Jesus Christ does to a person, honestly ive never been happier in my life, sure i miss home sometimes and my fam and friends all you guys but i know that this work is the work of Jesus Christ our savior, and I know that we need to help other people know that this gospel has been restored to its fullness again on the earth!

Thanks for everything guys, have an awesome week!

On the roof of an apartment where we had a bar ba que with a member and his neighbors and then taught the restoration!
At the transfer i met with all my old companions it was so great to see them again!

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