Sunday, September 27, 2015

Baptism Week! - August 31, 2015

Francisco and his family were baptized! Wooh!! Also Christina and her grandson Ricardo, and Pedro the brother of a recent convert. The other companioship had one baptism as well so that made a grand total of nine baptisms on Sunday! It was so great the meeting and ordinances were just full of the spirit. The mission president President Lundgren and his wife Sister Lundgren came to the baptisms to watch and support it was so great! In Enos theres a scripture I think its verse 27 which practically tells us that preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ brings us more joy than anything else in the world and I know this to be true because everything here is just temporary. Thanks to Christ and God´s plan for our happiness, we can be together with our families forever and thats why we need to tell people how! Its through the simple steps of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

     Not much else to report this week, thanks everyone for the emails and I hope you all know how much God loves you each and every one. Stay close to him no matter what, in times of hardships and the good times. Love you all!

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