Sunday, September 27, 2015

July 20, 2015

This week 7 of our investigators went to church! That was definitely the highlight of the week for me it was so great to see all these people seeking God and making an effort to get to church! We had a zone meeting it was super great, very inspirational.

One day we went to a investigators house and they had company over but invited us in gave us food and all of their family was there like cousins and uncles so we left a message with everyone, got some addresses and numbers and now we have a lot of people to teach! This kind of stuff would never happen in the U.S., they just let us in on their family party without batting an eye Brazilians are so awesome!

My Mother sent me a package it was full of goodies including an awesome shirt form Greece!

We saw a motor cycle accident but the guy was okay his tire just poped and he slid like 50 feet on the asphalt but had a lot of thick clothing on so he was alright phew

Well thats pretty much it, thanks everyone have an awesome week!

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