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I'm just going to start writing- July 13, 2015

Hey everyone! This week was great, a little miracle that happened this last week is that after lunch, we asked the members if there was anyone to visit closeby and they pointed out a persons house that they had stopped coming to church so we went there and started talking with the family everyone has already been baptized and one of the boys his name is Abel was preparing for a mission but stopped going to church because of work and school and when we went that day he had Dengue which is a fever transmitted by mosquitos which is super painful. Anyways we left a message with them got to know them more, and on Sunday Abel and his two brothers went to church after like years of not going! He told us that after we left he took a nap and when he woke up the Denque was gone and he was cured! So he thanked us alot for visiting him and he acredits the visit to his curing.

A member here got his call to Provo Utah! Hes awesome his name is Pedro, and he always goes on splits with us so when Elder Bond and I get back were going to go on splits with him! This time he will be the missionary and the lessons will be in English!

Everyone has got the kite fever, this time of year apparently the weather is perfect to fly kites, there are always like 30 kids flying them in the streets and fields its pretty funny because the thug-adolescents who are like 20 years old are flying kites side by side with the little kids, everyone has a kid in them! They always say to each other ´´vamos voar pó!´´ Or ´´ Lets fly dude!´´´

The other day a bird pooped on Elder Bond´s head.

We were ´´street contacting´´ as some would say and a lady stopped us asked us if we were Mormon we said yes and then she invited us in to her house to give a blessing to her husband, we did and then marked to come back she has a Book of Mormon already and said ´´I love reading that book its so good!´´

When we were going to a members house to do some visits with him a random car drove by and someone shouted at us ´´GO HOME!`` in english too so we just started laughing uncontrolably and gave a thumbs up to the guy and he laughed and did the same it was hillarious! People here are so nice even this guy he was just messing around with us

Seriously the hardest part about the mission is thinking of the people that I could have helped/taught/invited to church before I came here, we dont have to go to foreign lands to teach the gospel, I honestly feel so sad with these regrets, but I know that helping these people here in Valparaiso I will children of God the true meaning of this life. Everyone reading this, go visit a friend that needs your help, especially if they have already come to know of the truth but have fallen away from it. Like this Abel that I talked about, he just needed a visit and an invite and now hes preparing for his mission!! Don´t have these same regrets I have!

Thank you everyone for the emails have an awesome week!

A mac dough close to home
A huge pot of ´´Feijoada´´ soooo yummy!
Futebol de verdade

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