Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 20, 2015 -

Hey everyone! Alright so this week was great, it was pretty weird to be the one that knows more about the area showing the other around, but we have gotten alot of references this weekk from the members especially one called lucas who is 18 and preparing for amision, hes awesome and so we were walking down the street and he was like you guys should visit her and pointed to someone and we were like okay where does she live and went and taught the restoration for Ester and her mom and then later that day we told lucas and he was surprised because he was kidding! But becasue of that we got two more refernces from him and now were teaching all of them!

On the way back from Formosa our bus got a flat tire about 15 kilometers from cabeceiras and it was so loud! we were all kind of dozing off and then were awoken by the bang and the bus started shaking and it looked like we were going to crash or something but everyone was okay!

Also this sunday we ate lunch on the agroreservas its a huge 70000 acre farm of the church and saw emus and secretary birds and owls and also an awesome lake because we got lost and it looked like jurassic park but we finally found our way hom1e! also this week we did two service projects with some less active members So thats my week here are some pictures!
 The tire destruido
 Lunch! My favorite time of the day.
 Some owls at the farm.
 The lake we found accidentally.
 Us getting mangoes
 Secretary birds perched on some metal.
 The lake.
Brasil in all it's glory!

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