Sunday, February 15, 2015

February 2, 2015 - Ramo Cabeceiras!

Cabeceiras is officially a branch!!! Next week were going to receive a presidency and now we will have 3 hours of church instead of two! 

This last week we had a zone conference and i had my first interview with the president, it was great, it was in portuguese which i though was funny since were both from utah and he usually speaks english with the americans but tanto faiz! Weve getting refernces ate o po (until the dust) and its great were getting alot of new pesqusadores! I probably only hgave 3 more weeks here in cabeceiras so elder conceicao and i are really working hard to make it the best for everyone here!

The other day we saw a toucan, it was pretty awesome

THe small city of cabeceiras has 10,000 people and 15 churches! The ratio of churches to people is very high here haha

Also in formosa we had a district meeting and it was great, one of the members in formosa gave us lunch, she has these two awesome dogs and a turtle just roaming around the house!

These pictures are of our school/chapel last week with 72 people, we had to squeeze in there!

 Lets see me and a dog,
 Lucas and Dudu who are brothers and both help us out so much!
 Me on the road.
 Our tiny bathroom, 
 me and a sweater thanks mom!

 me and some elders form our zone!
 My district in cabeciras!

 My companion Elder Conceicao is at 9months with a new baby! JK but its his nine month celebration!

 Zone meeting were so strong!!

 OUr district plus one of the APs who is going home this week!

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