Sunday, February 22, 2015

Alright now its official official Ramo Cabeceiras - February 16, 2015

Haha this sunday all the leaders from the district came to cabeceiras including our mission president (erk!) and announced the branch president and assistant! It was a super spiritual meeting, everyone was just so happy to see that finally the Church is returning and getting hold here, I got alot of compliments on my translating (ahh yeeah) and we have 2 baptisms scheduled for saturday! If you could pray that Ademar, and Julianna stay firm in their decisions it would be much appreciated! 

WE also have another investigator Milena who is the sister of Camilla a recent convert who came up to us and said she wants to prepare for baptism too! It was like one of those movie moments when angels start singing and the heavens shine down haha it was awesome! The other companionship has two baptisms marked for saturday too! So if everything goes perfect with the help of our faith and perserverance, there will be 5 baptisms on saturday in Cabeceiras, i dont want to jinx it though, so we are going to keep working hard to help these people!

WE finally got chairs! and a wardrobe for the other companionship! FOr my entire mission, i havent had a chair to sit on, tragic i know, haha but finally we have some and now we dont all have to shair one wardrobe! SO needless to say this week was awesome!

WE did some more service this week, sifting dirt whoo hoo! And thats about it, thanks for all your prayers and emails love you all!

 Siftin away
 me taking a little break at a bustop after a long walk in the mato

the prez and his beloved elders of Cabeceiras!

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