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January 26, 2015 - 72 People at church this week!

72 People at church this week!
Yeah that was probably the highlight of the week, idont have my camer today because were at a zone conference, but it was awesome, were getting close and closer to becoming a branch! So what else, also Elder Conceicao and I were fasting for one of our investigators, and we had three coming to mutual, they came to the door of mutual, said they were going to get a friend, and left. so we were waiting on the street to let them back in to mutual, and it was getting later and later and we decided that they werent coming, so we decided toend our fast and when we ended it we saw allof them walking back formutual! It was pretty awesome,it really strenghtened my testimony offasting.

Here in Brazil there are a lot of these cars with these speakers on topthat are super loud and announce like promotions at stores and sales or radio stations and its so annoying especially when trying to teach because they drive really slow when they pass houses! 

Has anyone watched Transformers? This is random but Bumblebee cant talk, but he uses the radio with broken up words to say what ever he needs, think of how wonderful it would be if we could do the same with scriptures! Thatsmy goal on themission.

Letssee what else thisweek so we have been running into the doctrinal parts of reliogion alot here being so manychurches here, its like in piano. I sometimes would learn and memorize something that sounded right, but then realized it was wrong, and trying to unlearn and re learn again was harder than just learning it right the first time. Thats what its like here butwith religions. Its causedme to stop and think more and make my teaching simpler so thats a plus, i know that with time this will be easier especially with the Holy Ghost´s help!

This week I ate, vaca atolada and pirao it was sogood!

Alrightthats all thanks guys!

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