Sunday, February 15, 2015

A week in the life - February 9, 2015

THis week was great, we did  some service for some less actives in our area harvesting corn, Afterwards my arms were all scratched up so we put some alchohol on and it burned like crazy!
We had an awesome family home evening with a member and a reference it was great, they are excited to hear more and also we got anothe refernce from another family and things are going well with them too!
Its been raining alot thankfully so thats been a huge blessing!

Sometimes its hard not having a church buiding to meet in, people get to the school look in and leave because they see how odd it is, but this family of Ademar came and they loved it! Not much else happened this week! 

 Us getting ready for the rain

THe distict of cabecieras strikes again in service!

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